Frequently Asked Questions

What size hat do I wear?

Check out our sizing guide here: Sizing Guide

What is your return policy?

Returns must be initiated within 14 days of receipt and must be unworn with original tags attached. Just box up your unworn items and send them back to us, including a short note with the order number, so we know what we're getting back. Full return policy.

How much is shipping?

Orders of $200 or more shipped in the US (including Alaska & Hawaii) ship free. International shipping rates vary depending on location. More on shipping here

Do you make the hats you sell?

Our business is primarily involved in retail sales and distribution of fine quality headwear, and accessories.

We do however offer custom variations of certain hats. Upgraded bands, feathers, hand painted etc.

Do you sell gift cards?

Straw and Wool Gift Cards are available in several denominations. Order Gift Cards here.

Do you ship internationally? 

Yes! We ship to Canada, United Kingdom, France, Australia, China, India, Russia, and Brazil. Don't see your country listed? Contact us and we can see what we can do! Shipping rates vary by country and will shown at checkout.

What is the best way for me to take care of my hat?

Clean your felt hats regularly using a soft bristle brush or a hat sponge. Chemically treated hat sponges are available, and work especially well for fine-grain felts. Brush counter clockwise with the nap, starting at the bow.

The steaming of fur felt hats temporarily loosens the fibers to allow the removal of surface dirt and dust. The steam softens the fibers to allow for blocking, reshaping and even smoothing any wrinkles in the hat band. To steam your hat, simply hold the hat over a steady stream (a steamer or tea kettle will work fine) and gently brush the hat with a clean, soft-bristle brush. Most friendly neighborhood hatters are glad to steam their customer's hats, even if for a nominal fee, with proper storage and care, one good steaming to "knock the dust off" at the end of each season is recommended.

Never apply direct heat to any material hat as this is certain to lead to undesirable results.

Regarding straw hats, they can be lightly brushed in the same manner as felts, but should never be steamed unless by a professional. Too much steam can ruin straw hats.

Use sticky tape to remove lint and dust from fur-felt hats. 2" masking tape wrapped around your palm (with the sticky side out) works well for this.

Leather hats can be cleaned using any commercial leather cleaner. There are several good brands available that work very well. Suede hats need a suede cleaner, not a leather cleaner. Also suede hats will benefit from an application of Scotchgard or a silicone based waterproofing spray to help repel water and dirt.

More on hat care and cleaning

What accessories do I need to properly maintain my hat?

A proper hatter's brush is good for an occasional dusting. We sell inexpensive wool felt brushes.

How should I handle my hat?

Always handle your hats by the brim.  Picking your hat up by the crown will hurt its shape, and may even damage the felt. As with straw hats, handling your straw hat by the pinch will eventually cause it to crack.

Never rest your hat on its brim. Always turn it upside down and set it on the crown, so that the brim doesn't flatten out. Even better is to store your hat in its proper box.

If you get caught in the rain, turn the leather sweatband inside out and let the hat stand on it so that it dries evenly.

Try not to get your straw hat wet! This will cause the straw to swell and lose it's shape.

Natural oils from your fingers can soil the crown of straw and felt hats, so you should try to handle your hats by the brim (it's hard, we know)

How should I store my hat when not wearing it?

Always store your hat in a hat box to help keep it clean and looking new. Do not rest the hat on its brim to prevent the brim from flattening out.

How long has Straw and Wool been in business?

Straw and Wool opened for business in February 2020. Our current location is in the heart of Phoenix's Roosevelt Row Arts District. 610 E Roosevelt St. is a two-story, 2,000 sq/ft showroom where a small team of workers are responsible for a variety of tasks. Genuine interest in our customers, and the community embodies who we are as a brand. Our mission is to bring a sense of style and pride to the Phoenix Valley and beyond while providing the best shopping experience and variety of quality headwear and accessories to our customers.